Sportsmed Porsche – design and vinyl wrap

Spoilt for choice, 5 initial designs were prepared and presented to SPORTSMED on the Porsche. Full colour vinyl and digitally printed graphic panels are then stretched to suit the shape of the car, to enhance the tuff stance and present the sponsors message.

Sportsmed Porsche - Artwork Sportsmed Porsche - rear Sportsmed Porsche 3/4 Sportsmed Porsche - Front Sportsmed Porsche - In progress


graphic design – Motorsport from the V8 Utes

Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series

I have followed the Aussie ute racing from when they first began and were known as “the V8 BRutes”, so with the call and the opportunity to work with Craig Denyer and Bill West at Spherix came the moment to fullfill a lifetime dream, the test to design a mark and assist in creating a brand for this exciting category of motor racing.

Take an every day ute, Ford or Holden, make controlled and consistent modifications, insert driver, mix in some entertainment factor and you get …. “the category needs to be brutish to keep the fans pleased, but it also needs controlled costs and controlled driver standards. That can be a tough compromise, there needs to be the biff and bash, but if there is too much of it then teams may not survive the financial costs and teams disappear – not good for the vehicle sponsors or the corporate sponsors of the class itself. ”

How to reflect that, a street sign concept, hazard stripes for the biff and bash, a wasp has a black yellow striped tail for a reason ! – add a traditional looking chrome badge for the name, apply the flexibility to adjust and create on top of that formula and the V8 utes brand was born, an exciting category of motor sport, I am excited to work with  – ” Battle. Mêlée. Skirmish. Blood. For 10+ years now the Australian V8 Ute Series has provided it all. It sprouted with the need for support class entertainment for the masses, and there seems to be no stopping the gladiatorial juggernaut. Strangely enough that is exactly what the racing fan is wishing for.”

For 2012, catch the V8 Utes round 1 in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 event March 1 – 4

for the love of motor racing ….

I have followed motor racing since my first attendance at a race meeting at Mallala, South Australia in 1963. Man vs machine in a challenge of who can “go faster”. For me the sport combines all the showman ship of great entertainers, the colour of artists, the excitement of the gladiators arena and has become an excellent  forum for advertisers to present their brands. I love the dynamic presentation of cars in the US, bold, spirited and enterprising.