30+ years experience with Display and Exhibition

With 30+ years servicing the display and exhibition industry I have designed and produced all styles of award-winning display and exhibition. Point of Sale (POS), retail window displays, exhibitions, small and large, events, photographic sets, portable displays, showrooms, indoor, outdoor, trade shows, permanent and temporary.

Displays and exhibitions can be fully crafted from raw materials or they may utilise existing display systems and formats. I am familiar with most and will always work to present to you the solution that best suits your needs and wants.

Example; The Grand Opening of the Adelaide Convention Centre in 2001 was just the excuse needed to push the boundaries for our ‘D3C Design’ stand alone 6m x 3m exhibition.  Fascia and posts removed there is no interruption to block the view through, constructed in sections for ease of transport and re-use, finished in a full gloss 2 part white finish, the exhibit was used again and again by ourselves, many clients and associates.

The stand awarded, Best of Show at the Hot Property Exhibition in July 2003 when used by the The Design Institute of Australia – SA Chapter. The stand presented below is an absolute favourite of mine, congratulations have to be given to the fabulous team who worked on the manufacture of this exhibit.

Are you looking for original and unique design – contact me  – greg@gthinkstudio.design

Exhibition - ACC - Adelaide
6 x 3 Custom Build
Exhibition - ACC - Adelaide
6 x 3 Custom Build
Exhibition - ACC - Adelaide
6 x 3 Custom Build
Exhibition - ACC - Adelaide
Custom Build Exhibit

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